Code of Ethics


Us, ARIES members, recognize the importance our technologies and our activities have in influencing the quality of life and the level of competitiveness our nation has. We accept the personal obligation towards our professional and commercial activities and we are committed to the highest ethical and professional conduct and we agree:

  • to accept responsibility for the image and the competitiveness of the Romanian electronic and software industry worldwide;
  • to accept the responsibility of taking engineering and commercial decisions that are compatible with the safety, health and well being of our public and our business environment, and to reveal at once any factor that may endanger the public, the environment or our reputation;
  • to avoid any conflict of interest or possible conflict of interest and treat these events according to tour ethical code and the rules within our organizations, and to reveal them should they exist;
  • to reject any form of bribery and corruption;
  • to improve the understanding of our technologies, their appropriate use and possible consequences;
  • to maintain and improve our technical and commercial competence and only engage in tasks for clients if we are qualified through training and experience or after the disclosure of their pertinent limitations;
  • to treat fairly all people and organizations regardless of race, religion, sex, disability, age, nationality or size;
  • to avoid causing damage to others, to their property, reputation or workplace through malevolent or ill intended actions;
  • to assist our members and our business community in their commercial and professional development and provide them with support in accordance to this code of ethics;
  • to assist and influence the public sector in the development of governance and to support it in accordance to this ethical code;